Milksta Cocoa Boobie Brew

Milksta Cocoa Boobie Brew



    Even mommas need some help here and there. Milksta Cocoa Bobbie Brew wants to give breastfeeding moms the help they need with a vegan nursing hot chocolate mix. This lactation drink not only helps kick the seemingly never-ending exhaustion that comes from breastfeeding, but it also helps boost breast milk supply and production.


    Dutch Cocoa powder, Organic Moringa leaves powder, GF Carrot powder, Organic freeze-dried Acai berry powder, GF Brewer's Yeast, Organic Gluten-free Oat powder, Coconut Milk powder (Organic Dehydrated Coconut milk, Organic Acacia fiber, Organic Tapioca maltodextrin), GF Date sugar, Organic Coconut sugar


    Using a combination of superfoods and vitamin-rich ingredients, Milksta Cocoa Brew is a healthy, safe way to help mommas increase their milk supply. With carrots, Brewer’s yeast, dates, moringa leaves, and other food ingredients, this brew can help combat the baby blues and fight off fatigue while increasing and regulating milk production.


    Don’t waste energy on complicated drink recipes. Milkstabrew is a no-fuss choco drink that is easy to make and easier to enjoy. Dissolve 2 heaping tablespoons (approx 30g) of the chocolate mix in one cup of hot water. Once dissolved, all you have to do is stir and enjoy! Each bag has 10 servings. 1 pouch/bag equals 300 grams (0.66lb)

    *This product contains brown sugar

    For best results, we recommend taking our brews 2-3 times a day.